The Cross-Canada Day Judge Party is Coming (to a city near you)

Written by Michael Gyssels

Written by Michael Gyssels

Canada is big. Like really big. A quick search tells me it’s 5,500 km across and nearly 10 million km sq in area. So, when Canadian Nationals comes to town, in all likelihood, a majority of those 400 judges in our great region won’t be able to attend. But fear not, for your friendly neighbourhood Hype Team is here with a solution.

Last December, nearly 200 judges attended parties across the country, drafting, commandering, and celebrating the holidays as one big judge family. This year, to celebrate Canada Day and Canadian Nationals, we’re renewing the cross-Canada party initiative and we need your help! We’re looking for motivated individuals who won’t be able to physically join Nationals in Toronto to host a series of parties from coast to coast.

Throughout Nationals weekend, we’ll be sharing photos, tweets, and posts through a special hashtag to bring the hype! We want to connect the judges in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Victoria, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Prince Albert, Charlottetown, Miramichi, St. John, St. John’s, Whitehorse, and California (and everywhere in between!) with each other to celebrate Canada Day and Nationals together.

If you aren’t already, start following our new social media presences for the latest!

What you need:

  • An idea of 5+ certified judges in your area (uncertified judges are welcome, but do not count towards qualification for foil support)
  • A potential venue
  • An activity, or set of activities to engage judges:
    • Draft
    • EDH
    • Board Games
    • Escape Rooms
    • Mini-Conference / Seminar / Workshop
  • Lots of hype to fuel your event!

If the above sounds like you, click this link to find the Cross-Canada Judge Party. Once you’ve been accepted, we’ll send along a form to collect necessary information to help you get started on your journey.

If you live in the following cities, then you’re in luck, as events are already in the works (Updated April 11):

What Else Should I Know?

  • The Hype Team is hard at work to produce some special items available only to Canadian Judges! We’ll send supply kits out to event coordinators once we know how many attendees there will be! If you can’t get enough certified judges together for a party, and can’t make it to any other events, but are still interested in being part of the hype, email me (
  • There will an online server setup on July 1, in conjunction with our special hashtag, so that folks can come together and discuss what’s happening at Nationals, share photos and #judgesoutofcontext from their local events, and ultimately to gather as many Canadian Judges in a (chat)room as possible!
  • We’re doing our best to broadcast your twitter and instagram photos in the judge room at Nats so we can take selfies with your selfies! 🙂
  • If you’d REALLY like to attend Nationals and want some help getting there, check out the Canadian Regional Enrichment Sponsorship
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