Canada Conferences Group 2018

Written by David Poon

Written by David Poon

So you want to be the fiery confluence of information in your area? Build training grounds for two or more judge communities? Bring some foils and fun to your angelic arbiters in a grand knowledge-sharing exercise?

You should fill out this form!



What’s that? You don’t know anything about organizing a conference? That’s okay, there are two fixes to that:

  1. Fill out the form and we’ll try to find someone else to organize a conference in the city of your choice.
  2. Fill out the form and we’ll help you to organize the conference anyway—it’s easier than you think.

Anxious about organizing a conference? Don’t worry—we have your back. Introducing:


We’ve got a nation-wide team of judges ready to do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! The Canada Conferences Group is split up into six teams covering all aspects of conferences:

Pairings (Lead: Abeed Bendall)
Conferences need presenters. The mission of the Pairings Team is to “pair” each conference with suitable presenters based on their availability and ability to discuss relevant topics.

Slips (Lead: David Lachance-Poitras)
Whenever a match of Magic is finished, a slip is filled out so we know how to proceed with the rest of the tournament. Whenever a presentation or conference is finished, we need feedback to find out what happened and plan for the next one. The Slips Team will take care of all that nasty paper work!

Deck Checks (Lead: Sam Hung)
Presentation quality at conferences is something we want to work on in 2018, and the Deck Checks Team is going to provide some much-needed support for our fearless presenters.

Logistics (Lead: Jay Edwards)
Where can we hold a conference? Do we need to bring a projector? How do we run the last presentation if the power goes out and the doors are fused shut? The Logistics Team is the glue that holds the conference together. Much like logistics at a GP, this team covers a huge range of tasks.

EOR (Lead: Kris Burningham)
The EOR Team is tasked with brainstorming ideas for everything conference-related that’s not directly related to the presentations—primarily arranging for food and leisure activities.

Coverage (Lead: Mike Gyssels)
The Coverage Team covers conference coverage: what to stream, how to stream, and where to stream it to. They’ll work closely with the Canadian Judge Hype Team to share the conference experience with judges across the country.

So you see, we’ve got you covered. Now go make that conference happen! You’ll be the talk of the town (because everyone will be addressing their cover letters to you).

BONUS: As it happens, the Judge Program powers that be have secured a Rules Lawyer promo for every L1+ registered as a judge before March 1! All conference attendees before July 1 will received their rules lawyer that way. Other judges can look for a Rules Lawyer in the mail after Canada Day.

Image result for rules lawyer promo

Check out the Conference Centre for a list of upcoming conferences, as well as presentations and video content from past conferences! Of course, if you don’t see a conference close enough to you to attend in June… maybe you should organize one!

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