Canadian Judge Swag Now Available

Well … it has been harder to get this done than we thought, but we’re finally here! We are running an “alpha” test of ordering and shipping Canadian Judge branded uniforms! I want to send out a COLOSSAL thank-you to Cali Goud, Mike Gyssels, and the rest of the swag team (Sierra Black, James Edward, Kevin Rocheleau, and Rick Salamin!)

There are some super important things to consider, so please give this FAQ a close read before spending any money:

Is there a deadline for orders?

Yes! There will be two order window cutoffs: Monday March 4th at Midnight PST for those that want uniforms at GP Calgary, and March 15th for everyone else.
In order to manage the production and shipping times to get everything to my house in time to fly to Calgary we needed to have a very aggressive initial cutoff. Any late orders beyond that deadline will not be coming with me to Calgary. For everyone else we have a more relaxed deadline to organize shipping.

Why only uniforms?

Given the new uniform policy from CFBE and WOTC, we wanted to get something for judges as quickly as we could. This meant setting aside things like toques, notepads, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. We have plans to have them for the future, but we chose to prioritize uniforms. We are going to learn a bunch from this first wave, and rest assured later this year we will have lots of cool stuff!

Are these mandatory?

Definitely not. Think of these shirts like foiling out your judge shirt collection. Or full-art promos. They’re “nice to haves”, not “need to haves”.

These are a great option for local events (as long as the TO is cool with it), or to wear at conferences and socializing with other judges.

Important update: at this time it is unclear whether or not these will be acceptable uniform at Magic Fests. It might be best to assume they are not until we hear more. The program is working with CFBE to find a Magic Fest-specific uniform. Stay tuned and hopefully there will be more updates in the coming months.

All that is to say, if you can’t afford these uniforms, please don’t feel like you have to get one. We will have cheaper options (like t-shirts) available in the future. If you have a couple extra bucks and would like a nice, premium judge shirt to represent your region, then this is for you and I’m happy we can finally provide on our promise.

Moreover, please note that these shirts are reserved for judges only–and specifically judges who belong to the Canadian region. We love all the love we get from our extended Magic family, but we’re keeping these in-house, to maintain their impact as an official uniform.

These shipping costs look kind of expensive …

I know. Canada is a big place and our parcel delivery costs are notoriously high. My suggestion would be to get together with some other local judges who are interested and go in together on one shipment to save shipping costs.

Okay – I’ve read everything where do I buy them?

Here you go! Happy shopping!

I have other questions!

You can email Cali and the team at I promise they will get back to you before the Calgary (Monday midnight) deadline 🙂

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