2020 Magic Judge Online Seminar Series Week 1 schedule and applications week 2

Hello Judges!

We are very happy to present you the seminar schedule for the first week!
You can find the Google form for applying for these seminars here. Please do so until the 2nd of May at midnight (oo:oo UTC) to be able to attend one or more of the seminars for next week, Monday 4. May to Sunday 10. May 2020.

Please, beware of the time zones and the date change that you maybe have!

You are also able to see a schedule including the admins for week 1 one here.

All of this would not be possible without all of you that applied for presenting or admin.
Even if you have not been chosen for week one, there are still some weeks left!
You can find the links for applying for week 2 here: presenters and admin. The deadline is on the 4th of May at midnight (00:00 UTC).
We strongly encourage everybody to apply that has a interest in doing so.

best regard
your project team
Michael Arrowsmith, Jurgen Baert, Sashi Balakrishnan and Klaus Lassacher


2 thoughts on “2020 Magic Judge Online Seminar Series Week 1 schedule and applications week 2

  1. i don’t know why you put some seminars on two days at the same time (e.g., Petkovic’s). If that’s for unavailability of the lecturers, wouldn’t be cool to to make them available as a recorded stream on Twitch/YouTube, so that judges from different zones could watch it at different times? please, let us know if that option would be available in the near future!

    1. Hey,
      Some presenters have very strict time frames where they have time and I can understand that this does not work for all. Good news for the Ivan topic is that it will be again in week 2 on a different time slot!
      In regards of video, nothing is planed atm. First we try to get everything running smootly, and then we may have a look at that.

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