2020 Magic Judge Online Seminar Series Week 4 schedule

Hello Judges!

We are very happy to present you the seminar schedule for the fourth week!
You can find the Google form for applying for these seminars here. Please do so until the 23th of May at 18:00 UTC to be able to attend one or more of the seminars for next week, Monday 25. May to Sunday 31. May 2020.

We want, again, to thank all moderator and presenter that helped and are helping to make this month possible. We also want to thank the MJOSS sponsors: Judge Academy, ChannelFireBall, CFB Events and tournamentcenter.eu again to make this all possible.
We’ll evaluate the project once we’re into week 4. There are many ideas for a potential second season, but we cannot confirm yet (it depends on too many things, really). If we do come back, we’ll have some changes for sure, and we’ll be taking a break for one or two weeks to get everything ready. Keep your eyes open for announcements!

Please, beware of the time zones and the date change that you maybe have!

If you miss the deadline or found interest in a topic afterwards you can try to post in the #last-minute channel on the Discord server and ask the current admins if there is still space, no guarantees! Here is the link to the Discord server.

You are also able to see a schedule including the admins for week 4 one here.
Even if you have not been chosen for week four, thank you very much for applying!

Seminar descriptions

Eliana Rabinowitz – Avoiding Implicit Bias in Judging
Implicit Bias is the unconscious association between certain groups and characteristics. Everyone has some, and it can cause people to unfairly judge other people. Learn about implicit bias and how to avoid it.

Milorad Pavlovic – Stalling vs Slow Play
How to recognise and handle these infractions at all RELs.

Bryan Spellman – Hidden Card Error vs Looking at Extra Cards
We explore HCE and LEC, helping you not to confuse the two. What’s the difference between then and how do we fix these errors? Is the fix Preordained or must we Ponder our decisions?

Charlotte Sable – Beyond Interactions: A Systematic Approach to Magic’s Rules
Many judges and players go about learning the rules piecemeal through learning specific interactions. This can lead to gaps in knowledge and failure to understand the systems underlying the rules, leading to related interactions being missed. The presentation will also cover how to better learn and study Magic’s rules.

John Reuben Ferrer – Becoming a Better Judge One Stumble at a Time
This seminar is about preventing mistakes and how to handle them in the event that they do occur. It covers the following topics:
– 4 Ways to Prevent Error Scenarios
– A 5 Step Process to Navigate a Situation When You Have Made a Mistake
– Owning a Mistake You Made and What is in it for
Hopefully, attendees would leave the seminar more confident as judges, knowing that while mistakes are inevitable, they can be avoided and that judges are not alone nor ill-equipped in dealing with them.

Jurgen Baert – Investigations
Investigations are one of the most difficult things we do as judges. While this seminar isn’t going to give you all the answers, it will provide you an easy framework to use! Also, the entire slideshow is written as haiku if you’re into that.

Arjen de Jong – Ikoria Rules!!
Based on the traditional miniconference seminar of every new set that we do in the BeNeLux, I will be taking my Ikoria presentation to the next level to focus on all the really hard or weird rules interactions and changes that Ikoria has brought us and run you through them in example scenarios. Bring your own questions to be answered about the set if you have any!

Florian Horn – Enter the Arena – Redux
In this seminar, we’ll explore in depth what happens when an object is about to enter the battlefield. We’ll look at the actual rules governing triggered abilities, replacement effects, timestamp, and especially their interactions. This is an updated version of the classic “Enter the Arena” article by Daniel Kitachewsky and James Do Hung Lee.

Elizabeth Mackie – Imposter Syndrome: The hypocrite’s guide
Nearly 70% of individuals will suffer imposter syndrome at some point in their life. I will cover the five types of imposter syndrome, how to identify if you do, and tips and tricks to help you cope with your sense of imposter syndrome!

Christian Gienger – From JAR to IPG – Intro into Judging at Comp REL
To judge at competitive REL tournaments can be pretty scary at the beginning. This talk should ease the way by showing the difference between JAR and IPG and how best to progress when progressing into new terrain.

Meghan Baum – Leaving First Impressions Behind
One of the hardest things to learn as a mentor is to learn when to change your opinion of someone. Judges grow and change and if you dont let your view of them change right along side you’re the one holding them back. This seminar will give you some tools to use, like SMART goals, and some techniques for spotting red flags in your own evaluations.

Emilien Wild – Explaining Philosophy
Based on my Judge Academy presentation, this seminar designed for an advanced audience will teach you how to teach policy and penalty philosophy.

Steven Zwanger – Copy Effects
Learn how to recognize and apply copy effects, with lots of examples!

Norman Ralph – Personal and Professional Development for Judges
A famous judge quote is that we are all members of a cult of self improvement that happens to sometimes work events. We will explore what self improvement is, how we can plan for it and then look at ways we can achieve those goals.

Jurgen Baert – Running a 2020 Magic Judge Online Seminar Series
Closing off the series with a recap of what we did – and how we did it!

best regard
your project team
Michael Arrowsmith, Jurgen Baert, Sashi Balakrishnan and Klaus Lassacher


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