2020 Magic Judge Online Seminar Series Week 2 schedule and applications week 3

Hello Judges!

We are very happy to present you the seminar schedule for the second week!
You can find the Google form for applying for these seminars here. Please do so until the 9th of May at 18:00 UTC to be able to attend one or more of the seminars for next week, Monday 11. May to Sunday 17. May 2020.

If you miss the deadline or found interest in a topic afterwards you can try to post in the #last-minute channel on the Discord server and ask the current admins if there is still space, no guarantees! Here is the link to the Discord server.
We also got aware that there can be problems with the maximum amount of attendees in a seminar room if you are on a mobile device. Please try to join on a PC/Mac if you have this problem arising.

Description of the seminars can be found at the end of the blog post!

Please, beware of the time zones and the date change that you maybe have!

You are also able to see a schedule including the admins for week 2 one here.

All of this would not be possible without all of you that applied for presenting or admin.
Even if you have not been chosen for week two, there are still some weeks left!
You can find the links for applying for week 3 here: presenters and admin. The deadline is on the 11th of May at 18:00 UTC.
We strongly encourage everybody to apply that has a interest in doing so.

Seminar descriptions

Mark Mason – Back Ups in Time
To Rewind or Not to Rewind – The Rules, the Risks, & the Rewards. Discover when policy allows for a rewind, how to think about the decision, and practice with actual “game states” in the “Rewind or Not” game.

Anna Zielinska – Mentorship
Why it’s always EV+ to mentor others or be mentored. How to find a mentor, be a good mentee and mentor. General broad strokes with not a lot of getting into intricacies.

Matthew Johnson – Shuffle cheat case studies
Looking at examples of cheating via card manipulation, what things to look for and how to go about catching them.

Steven Zwanger – Replacement Effects
Learn how to recognize and apply replacement effects, with lots of examples!

Bryan Spellman – Layers (Ogres have them! And so does Magic)
What makes magic work the way it does? How in the world do you handle layers? Why do these exists and how do I figure them out? Let’s dive in!

Kevin Desprez – The Spirit of the Laws
The rules exist to be applied. But to which extent are the words mightier than the idea they convey? And when should the idea take precedence over the letter of the law?

Hannah Lissaman – Owning It
Managing your progression and personal development as a judge are challenging, both practically and mentally. This session takes a look at the gaps between our expectations and the reality of development as a judge, and gives some practical suggestions on how to take control of your own future and create a better relationship with progression.

Joseph Sapp – Self Care
How to properly take care of yourself over the course of a MagicFest Weekend.

Florian Horn – Enter the Arena – Redux
In this seminar, we’ll explore in depth what happens when an object is about to enter the battlefield. We’ll look at the actual rules governing triggered abilities, replacement effects, timestamp, and especially their interactions. This is an updated version of the classic “Enter the Arena” article by Daniel Kitachewsky and James Do Hung Lee.

Tobias Vyseri – How Do I MF?
An introduction to a what a judge’s first Magicfest is like. The visuals are cute and jokes are dopey.

Eliana Rabinowitz – Proactive Problem Management
When you are a team lead or a head judge, it is your responsibility to keep the event running well, even in the face of unexpected problems. How can you prepare for something you don’t know will do wrong? What can you do to have a plan in the face of a surprise issue?

Kevin Desprez – Controversial backups
To do or not to do? That is the question! We will walk through real-life situations that forced me to challenge what sometimes initially seemed obvious!

Erik Mock – Feedback Food: Sandwiches, Burritos, Salads and How to Eat Them”
The judge program lives and thrives through the cycle of feedback. Here we will learn about some structures of feedback, when they are appropriate and even how to accept them ourselves when given.

QJ Wong – Judging Multi-Lingual Events
How to make the best out of your time judging while breaking language barriers!

Ivan Petkovic – Conflict Management 101
How to manage conflicts in a productive way.

Julio Sosa – Self Evaluation, and why is it so hard
Why evaluating ourselves is more difficult than evaluating others, common pitfalls, how our brain play tricks on us, and tips to improve.

best regard
your project team
Michael Arrowsmith, Jurgen Baert, Sashi Balakrishnan and Klaus Lassacher

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