Conference Content

We have had many different seminars, workshops, etc. over the years. Those seminars most of the time end up forgotten in a hard drive or at best in our wiki. In both cases the reusability of our seminars is pretty low, and that is what this project wants to change.

Firstly we are ensuring that most of the seminars presented at GPs or conferences are posted in our wiki, so if you are conference organizer expect a mail from us afterwards, of even better contact us beforehand. Secondly we are categorizing almost all the seminars in wiki so the outcome will be easily searchable. What is more, we will choose the best couple of seminars from each category to showcase them, encouraging presenters to use them. If we can’t find those “perfect” seminars, well we are going to create them from scratch!

Last but not least we are going to create some tools that could help new presenters that want to create their new seminar. We are talking about templates, photos, and a guide.