Conference Policies and Guidelines

Planning, staffing, advertising and running a Conference require knowledge that spans over many skills. Here you can find official policies as well as guidelines for running a successful conference.

You’ll find answers to questions such as:

– How much time in advance do I need to announce my conference?
– How many seminars per conference and how should I select them?
– How much time in advance do I need to contact whoever I need to for X?
– Whom do I need to send feedback about the conference?

Documents, guidelines and policies will be published and maintained on this page along with tools and templates to help on the way!


Conference Policies and Guidelines:

Conferences Guidelines – January 2017

Official conference policies, plus guidelines and best practices for a successful conference

Leadership Conferences Guidelines

Leadership Conferences – May 2015

Particular definitions to process for Leadership Conferences

Pick-Up-and-Go conference models

Pick-Up-and-Go Conference Models

Suggestions on how to schedule topcis for conferences of various sizes and scope


Conference planning spreadsheet:


Helps you keep track of the planning and various deadlines of your conference


Feedback forms

For Print:

Docx Version

PDF Version

Print them before the conference and distribute on-site



Make a copy of the document, create a QR code of it and share with attendants!

Conference Organizer Official Report template:

If you have feedback about the guidelines, please visit our project page and send us a message.