Leadership Conferences Guidelines

Last Updated: May 2015

Leadership conferences are a different kind of conference designed to be your yearly meeting with the leaders of your region. As such, its main purpose is not mentoring or training but assessment of the region’s state,  planning and regional projects reviewing.

Invitation criteria

Opposed to regular conferences, these conferences are not open but invitation only. The selected people should represent the leaders of your region either due to their program roles or their geographic leadership. When presenting the request for a leadership conference, a list of invited people should be provided along with a small description of the role performed in the region.

Level is not a valid criteria: leaders may be of any level based on what they do in your region.

Out of region judges

Though not automatically excluded, their participation will be more closely reviewed. As such, if such judge is invited we would expect a more thorough explanation of what this particular judge does for the region and why (s)he’s participation in this conference is warranted.


Support for this kind of conferences is limited to 20 units, which will be the same kind of unit as a regular conference would be, based on its linkage or lack of to an event. Presenters (if there are such) will be recognized for their extra effort as will the conference organizer (max 1) per the usual conference support.


Since this conferences are not designed for mentoring or training but for discussion and regional planning, some topics will have the usual presenter (as in a person who prepares some material to disseminate that knowledge among others) while some other topics will be discussion centered where at most, there will be someone leading the discussion. We will consider for recognition the former while, though we appreciate taking an extra effort during the conference, will not for the later.

Request process

At least 8 weeks before estimated event date an email must be sent to Damian Hiller (with Sara Mox on copy) with the following information:

  • Invite list (with reasoning behind invite)
  • Tentative schedule

Once confirmed, request follows the usual conference support request process.