From the PC desk, February 2017

Hello and welcome to the February issue of the editor of the program coordinators. This month we would like to talk about the further roles of the program and the test for the maintenance of Level 2.

Advanced roles and rotation

This was already mentioned when the New New World Order was announced, but we would like to elucidate this idea in the next few lines.
The leadership of the Judge program is on the shoulders of the Level 3 Judges, but among these there are some that are temporarily selected for certain roles. These are the following roles : GP Head Judge , Regional Coordinator and Program Coordinator .

Each of these roles is scheduled for a period of 18 months and is then re-elected. Dieselbe Person may apply again if desired.
There are also two special advanced roles: GP Head Judge Leadership and Regional Coordinator Leadership . They are selected for 12 months and are responsible for coordinating their respective groups.

You can find a more detailed description for each of these roles if you follow the links in this article. By the way, do you remember the rotation we had just mentioned? Well, the occupation of the program coordinators will now rotate. See the full announcement here: [LINK] .

Test for level 2 maintenance

The test for the maintenance of Level 2, which was scheduled for 2017, was announced last August. Please check the article and the page of the official resources for the details. Due to unexpected circumstances, it will not be available in the immediate future. As soon as we have more information, we will send you updates on the availability of the test.

Until the test to maintain level 2 is released, the L2 exercise test can be used as a substitute. Level 2 judges have to pass the test only once a year and can decide to take the L2 exercise test or wait for the release of the level 2 test. The L2 exercise test is available online (with a waiting period of 60 days) or in writing (personally provided by a Level 3 or Level 2 tester)

Feedback form

Last but not least, we would like to send you the Judge feedback form . remember. The goal is to give the players a platform to tell the judge program how good or bad the judges are. Please share the link with the players of your community.

Translated by :: Daniel Levy [/ judge] [/ alert]