Program Coordinator Travel Diary – Issue #2

Dear judges, welcome to the second chapter of our “Travel Diary”. You can find the links to the previous chapters at the end of this page

We have just finished celebrating Christmas holiday, and, like young kids do, judges sent their letters to Santa Claus too.

We took a peek at the mailbox in front of the house of the Program Coordinators, and, before shipping them to Santa, we had an interesting read, which we want to share with you today.

Let’s see which gifts have been asked for…


Focus for 2018

Dear Santa,

In the last couple of months, we asked to each Level 3 judge to inform us about the areas of the program that they believe are the most important, we discussed all their feedback and we determined the most important areas of the Magic Judge Program we will focus in 2018.

Please gift us with the ability to give to them high priority and to advertise the results of our job.

Thank you!

2018 Program Coordinators selection

Dear Santa,

In the last couple of months, we analyzed the past selection processes for Program Coordinators; we talked with the people in charge of the Regional Coordinators and of the Grand Prix Head Judges selection, we asked for feedback to a few Level 3 judges, and we also involved all the Regional Coordinators in shaping the 2018 selection process for Program Coordinators.

Please gift us with new Program Coordinators who are wise, passionate, selfless and wants to be proactive in contributing to a better Magic Judge Program.

Thank you!


The main areas of the Judge Program

Dear Santa,

At the end of 2017, we announced two new leads of the Social Media and Web Platforms and Judge Conduct Committee areas.

Then, we asked to each of the Level 3 judges to offer us their opinion about how we structured the areas of the judge program, to help us identify any areas that should receive higher visibility and support.

Please gift us with the time to determine how we can find a better structure for the hundreds of judge projects all around the globe.

Thank you!

Exams in JudgeApps

Dear Santa,

In the last couple of months, several judges dedicated a lot of time to expanding the “Exams” section in JudgeApps, content from the Judge Center is being transferred and adapted and a new platform for all judge exams will be soon available.

Please gift them with new energy, to bring this huge task to the end.

Thank you!

L3 maintenance and evaluation

Dear Santa,

In the last couple of months, we created three projects that will take care of Maintenance, Evaluation and Demotion of Level 3 judges in 2018.

Due to the high investment, skills and roles, the processes for Level 3 judges are more complicated than processes for Level 2 and Level 1 judges, but they indeed exist.

Please gift us with the good will and the collaboration of our colleagues to put together processes that are useful, fair and just.

Thank you!

Workload, collaboration and holiday

Dear Santa,

In the last couple of months, we did a huge amount of work, that we may estimate as four hours per day, every day, maybe more. I imagine you realized it from the number of letters we sent you this Christmas!

We are grateful to all the people who helped us, who were kind to us and who listened to us; they have our gratitude and best wishes for a new year full of joy and satisfactions. Support is very important to us.

Thank you!

… and here ends our second reading of the travel diary.

In the bag, there were other letters to Santa Claus, but not all wishes of the Program Coordinators can be made public. Some topics are confidential and cannot be revealed (imagine what would happen if the world discovered where Santa actually lives… all those fans all the time! How could he sleep?), but we wanted to give you at least some information about some of the areas that have been worked on in the last period.

Please gift us with… a little after-Christmas holiday!!!

Happy 2018!

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