Which of the following best describes your reason for wanting to get in touch?

I am a tournament organizer trying to find a judge for my events
Contact the Regional Coordinator

I want to become a judge
The first step for any aspiring judge is to establish contact with an active Level 2 judge in their country, who will mentor and guide their course towards Level 1. Alternatively, if there are no Level 2’s in the vicinity, they could always contact the Regional Coordinator himself.
Contact the Regional Coordinator

I want to become Level 2
Any Level 1’s looking to progress to judge Level 2 should direct their query to L3 judge Jernej Lipovec, who will undertake further arrangements.
Contact Jernej Lipovec

I have questions about running Organized Play in my store.
Contact WPN Support

I want to report an instance of fraud
This includes illegal events, misuse of promo cards, early product sale, or another issue concerning fraud.

I have a Rules Question
Join the #MTGRules Chat

I need help with my DCI Number
View the DCI Number FAQ

I would like to submit feedback about a judge
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I have other questions about the Judge Program
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