The Europe-East region

Located in Southern East Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East, the countries in the Europe-East region are often disregarded as gaming hubs, but their communities remain active!

Contact information
Judge Candidates looking for certification opportunities, Tournament Organizers looking to employ the services of a certified judge, or players with questions, complaints, etc. should either address their Country Coordinator or contact the Regional Coordinator, David de la Iglesia.

Where does the community meet online?
Regional JudgeApps forum – A regional forum on JudgeApps where George posts important information about events, judges write their reports and a monthly newsletter is posted.
Europe-East Facebook group – A Facebook group created to encourage participation of Judges in a regional community and to make important announcements that are easier to share.

What makes the Europe-East region special?
It is a geographically, culturally, and ethnically diverse region, which includes a vast array of different languages. Communication inside the region is normally done in English.

Currently the region is formed by Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Kuwait, Macedonia, Montenegro, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. This is somewhat similar to what the Ottoman Empire was in 1683. We guess this makes the Regional Coordinator to be a modern day Suleiman the Magnificent!

History and previous RCs
When the Regional Coordinator program started, this region used to be a lot bigger; it also included the countries which now comprise the region of Europe Mid-East. The region split up when Sebastian Pękala passed his L3 test and got appointed as RC of his new region. Up until the Summer of 2013 the Regional Coordinator was Philipp Daferner from Austria (who was actually living outside the region), when he passed the torch to the then only L3 in our region, Giorgos Trichopoulos.