Judge Booth @ GP Bochum

Anniek van der Peijl war part of the judge booth at GP Bochum. Here is her reasoning why she enjoys the judge booth. If you like to share your experiance with the Judge Booth as well as Anniek, feel free to send me an email.

Anniek wrotes:

“Challenging players (and judges too!) with difficult rules questions is one something I love to do. One of the reasons I became a judge in the first place is because I enjoy explaining the rules to others. So I was very happy to be on judge-booth duty on GP Bochum’s Sunday.

I noticed that between players there can be quite a large difference in rules knowledge, some struggle on the easy questions, some make the hard ones look simple. Every player seemed happy to give the quiz a go, and to leave with some foils or candy for their efforts. Some even came back to answer more questions (without prizes) because they were really having fun. And of course, sitting at the booth with other judges brings out our inner rules nerd and we were quickly discussing our own hardest rules questions among each other, and with the rules-fanatic players. Towards the end of the day, we did an ”all against the judges“ quiz where the players at the booth worked together to solve the toughest rules questions we could come up with.
At the end we packed up with no candy and hardly any foils left, and a smile on our faces. I think everyone had a blast.”

Thank you Anniek 🙂


Happy Booth Judging

Michael Wiese