I’ll take the Burger. NO NO NO the Burrito. Wait no, the chili dog. JUDGE!!!!!!!!!

Antonio and Nelson are playing in a PTQ. They are currently sideboarding for game 3 when one of Nelson’s friends who has finished his match approaches the table and informs Nelson they are going to pick up lunch, and asks if he wants anything. Nelson stops sideboarding and they begin discussing lunch options. After a few minutes of waiting on their discussion after Antonio has already presented his deck, he calls for a judge. What do you do?

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Good work this week folks. As many observed, the infraction here is slow play. While no specific elapsed time was given, Nelson is required to complete his pregame procedures at a reasonable pace. The fact that his opponent has had his deck presented and ready for a few minutes makes it clear that Nelson has had ample time and should be ready to play. He receives a warning and, as an additional remedy, if the match goes to time the players will get two extra turns in addition to the normal five (be sure to mark +2 Turns or some similar note on the match slip in case you aren’t there as the match ends).