The Zombies Are Coming!

In a Legacy GPT, Nathan is playing Dredge and has a Bridge From Below, Ichorid, Putrid Imp and Cabal Therapy in his graveyard. Alex is playing Sneak and Show and has a Sneak Attack in play. Alex uses Sneak Attack to put Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into play and attacks with it. Nathan sacrifices the rest of his permanents (3 lands) and takes 15 damage. Alex passes the turn and shuffles Emrakul and his graveyard back into his library. During his upkeep, Nathan exiles Putrid Imp to put Ichorid into play. He draws a card, then declares he’s flashing back Cabal Therapy by sacrificing Ichorid. He says “Target you and I get a Zombie.” Alex says, “Wait, your Bridge From Below should have gone away when Emrakul went to the yard.”

They then call for a judge. You determine that it was an honest mistake. What, if any, is the appropriate infraction, penalty and fix for this situation?

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The second trigger on Bridge From Below is clearly a Detrimental Trigger, and Nathan has committed Missed Trigger and should receive a Warning. Alex has the choice of adding the trigger to the stack. If he wants it, (and we assume he does in this scenario since he pointed it out) then we will put it in the appropriate place on the stack if possible. Otherwise, we’ll put it on the bottom of the stack.

The “appropriate place on the stack” refers to the place where the trigger would naturally exist if not forgotten. Although the appropriate place no longer exists, it is tempting to put the Bridge From Below trigger on the top of the stack so that the Bridge will be exiled before the other trigger resolves. This would cause the Bridge From Below trigger that is already on the stack to do nothing because of its intervening if statement. However, it is correct to put the trigger on the bottom of the stack according to policy. The “Feel Bad” factor should not be a reason to deviate from policy. Inconsistent rulings will cause players to be much more upset with judges in the long run than a player getting a trigger in an odd-seeming order. Nathan will get his 2/2 Zombie, Cabal Therapy will resolve, and then the Bridge From Below will be exiled.