This Cat’s Gone Trigger Happy

Ajani controls a Satyr Rambler. He casts Dragon Mantle on it. Nala says it resolves. Ajani then casts Last Breath on Nala’s Anvilwrought Raptor. After writing down and confirming the new life totals, Ajani says, “Oh yeah, I need to draw for Dragon Mantle,” and immediately picks up a card, putting it into his hand. Nala calls for a judge.

What do you do?

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Alright, solution time! As was correctly identified by many of you, casting an instant does not cause a trigger to be missed because the instant could have conceivably been cast with the trigger on the stack. As such, there is no infraction in this scenario, and no fix is necessary. Give a time extension if your ruling took more than a minute and let the players get back to playing Magic.

Some judges may be inclined to rule this as Drawing Extra Cards because the player didn’t give their opponent an opportunity to act after the last breath but before the trigger resolved. While we would certainly prefer to have the player communicate better, there’s no harm done unless their opponent had a response for that time. If the opponent wanted to do something, that would make this a GRV before the card was drawn, and as a result we would issue that GRV to Ajani and rewind the card draw.

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