You’re the head judge of a local modern GPT. At the end of Ned’s turn Alfie casts Vendilion Clique, targeting Ned with the triggered ability. On Alfie’s turn in his pre-combat main phase he casts another Vendilion Clique, again targeting Ned with the triggered ability. After the Clique’s ability resolves Ned reminds Alfie that the Clique is legendary, and then as Alfie is putting his one of his Cliques in his graveyard he rereads it and realizes that Ned didn’t draw a card from the last Clique or the one before. Alfie calls for a judge and tells you that Ned has been Clique’d twice and he discarded the card both times and didn’t draw any cards. After speaking with the players you decide these were all honest mistakes.

What do you do?

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Many of you were correct and only issued one GRV to each player though there were more infractions. Both players made mistakes so they will get a warning each. The fix is much more interesting.

Under current policy we have a bit of a flow chart that helps us decide how to fix this. It starts with can we perform a partial fix, if not then we decide if we rewind or leave the game as is. When we take a look at the partial fixes we see two of them that could be applied. One that handles objects moving zones that moved to the wrong zone, and one concerning forgetting to add or remove cards from the hand. That’s all good for the more recent error, but what about the one just before it? Can we apply the same fix? Yes.
The full fix requires 4 partial fixes (2 draws and 2 cards moved from the graveyard to the bottom of the deck, in the correct order), and don’t forget to remind the players to please play more carefully.