A Leap Too Far

Amy and Nicholas are playing at a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier. During Amy’s turn, she activates Evolutionary Leap‘s ability, revealing the top 3 cards one at a time, revealing a Forest, a Duskwatch Recruiter and an Archangel Avacyn. Amy laughs and points at the Duskwatch Recruiter, saying she was thinking about its ability when she started flipping the 3rd card. Both players call for a judge. During the investigation, you discover that Amy has resolved a Collected Company earlier in the game, and put 4 cards on the bottom of her library. What do you do?

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The correct answer is that this is Looking at Extra Cards. It’s very tempting to call this a Hidden Card Error, but the set of cards for Evolutionary Leap was complete after Duskwatch Recruiter was revealed, and since the cards were revealed and aren’t in a private zone, we can confirm which card was incorrectly added to the set. Amy receives a warning for Looking at Extra Cards. The additional fix is to randomize the unknown portion of the library, including Avacyn. Since the four cards are in a known place we want to preserve their location on the bottom of the deck. Setting those four cards aside, the rest of the deck is shuffled and they are replaced on the bottom.