A New Title, A New Beginning

The Panda Project is no more!

While the start of the project seems to be rather slow but making progress (we actually have a few interviews online and a few in the pipeline as well!), the name of the project created some controversy. I personally had to learn that the tolerance of people is independent of the community they are in. I was quite sad about it but got over it after a while. The main goal of this project is to create the most inclusive atmosphere possible to try to raise the awareness level between the different communities: We want to show the challenges, the differences but also the chances and commonalities that exist everywhere. A part of the magic community had a problem with the name we chose to represent this goal and it would be stupid of us, not to hear them out.

We heard the comments and we also discussed it internally and came to the conclusion that a name change should be considered. We tried a few new ones for size and decided to take the one that most reflected our goal. We are concentrating our effort to the magic community but each of us belongs to one or more communities that kind of coexist more or less in parallel to each other. We have uncountable numbers of communities in different sizes and interest that can be seen as small wonderful worlds with more or less interactions between the different universes.

Our project tries to make everyone aware of the different universes that are out there and how wonderfully different or similar they are to what we already know. We therefore have decided to name ourselves the Multiverse Project.

I hope to be able to see more come communities tell us about their worlds in the coming months and I’m really looking forward to more interviews, more articles and of course, more discussions!

Jeremie Granat, Creator, The Multiverse Project

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