Disqualification Process

Main things to remember

  1. Follow the procedure explained in the Head Judge Disqualification Procedure.
  2. The most important part is asking the player, involved judges, and witnesses to leave their contact information.
  3. Print a copy of the Player Disqualification FAQ and give it to the disqualified player. This one page document will explain the player what’s going on and answer the most common questions disqualified players have. It will also explain them what their options are to provide a statement.
  4. If the disqualified player wishes to write a statement at that time, they can write on the back of the FAQ and/or use any additional blank sheets you’ll give them as needed.
  5. Ask the player to leave the venue if his/her presence would further disrupt the tournament or other players (things like assault, theft, or anything else you are uncomfortable with; for things like rolling a die to determine a winner, especially when they really didn’t know better, you could easily let them stay in the venue after the Disqualification).
  6. After the tournament, submit the Disqualification report using the Google form linked from JudgeApps as soon as possible.
  7. The Tournament Organizer may be interested in the Tournament Organizer Disqualification FAQ.


Document Description Last Updated Download
Head Judge Disqualification Procedure A document with all the steps required after disqualifying a player.

31 Aug 2017

Player Disqualification FAQ A one page document to give to all disqualified players before asking them to write a statement (it answers the most common questions).

16 Jan 2017

Tournament Organizer Disqualification FAQ A one page document to give to Tournament Organizers unfamiliar with the Disqualification process, especially at Regular REL events.

10 Apr 2016

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