Rules & Documents

The following documents contain all the rules for the game and the policies used by judges to run tournaments of all levels of play.

Rules and Tournament Policy

Magic Comprehensive Rules

The Magic Comprehensive Rules are the ultimate authority for Magic: The Gathering™, but you won’t usually need to refer to them except in specific cases or during competitive games. They’re not meant to be read from start to finish.

Magic Tournament Rules

The Magic Tournament Rules (MTR) provide the infrastructure used to run Magic: The Gathering™ tournaments by defining appropriate rules, responsibilities, and procedures to be followed in all sanctioned tournaments. Sanctioned tournaments are to be run consistently regardless of their location.

Magic Infraction Procedure Guide

The Magic Infraction Procedure Guide (IPG) provides judges the appropriate penalties and procedures to handle offenses that occur during the course of Competitive or Professional tournaments, as well as the underlying philosophy that guides their implementation.

Judging at Regular Rules Enforcement Level

The Judging at Regular Rules Enforcement Level (JAR) document can be used for most store-level tournaments. If the event requires deck lists, provides large prizes, or is otherwise of a more competitive nature, please consult the Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, as some rulings require more complex solutions.

Translated versions of these documents can be found in the Translated Rules blog.

The Magic Judges Blog Network also host an assortment of Rules & Policy Blogs.

If you are looking for other documents such as the Magic Premier Event Invitation Policy, Magic set checklists or Release Notes, you can find them on the Rules and Documents page on the WPN website.

If you’re looking for more information on formats, the banned and restricted lists or the basic rules, you can find them on the Rules & Formats page on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Disqualification Process

The Disqualification Process has specific instructions for both players and judges after a DQ has been issued. On this page you will find a Player FAQ, and also a HJ DQ document which gives specific how-to instructions to use when a player is disqualified.

Magic Judge Code

The Magic Judge Code is the document that describes the guidelines and rules for how Judges are expected to behave within the Magic community. It also outlines the possible consequences if the code is violated.