Communication Channels

The Judge Program has established and developed various tools and networks to enable communication between regions as well as within them.


JudgeApps is the main platform for communication, collaboration and coordination in the Judge Program. It is home of the forums and is used for event and project management.

Forums (protocol)
Support blog

The Judge Blogs are a network of blogs for projects or individual judges, powered by WordPress. You can find all sorts of helpful and interesting content on it or even start your own blog.

Magic Judge News
Magic Judge Blog Portal
Support blog

Magic Judges are present on various social media channels. Follow us and make sure you stay up to date!

Magic Judges Facebook official page
Magic Judges Twitter official account
Reddit’s r/mtgjudge

There are various judge chat channels on IRC where you can discuss all kinds of judge related matters. Make sure you are familiar with the FAQs!

#mtgjudge #mtgrules
Web client Web client

The Judge Conduct Committee has made available the Magic Judge Feedback form, to provide everybody with a anonymous way to report judge misconduct to the judge leadership. This form may also be used to praise or recognize a judge.


Most regions use private JudgeApps regional forums. There are many other local forums, mailing lists and other communication channels:

Australia & New Zealand — Facebook page, rules/policy Q&A Facebook group, Slack

China — Website, wiki

Indonesia — Facebook group

Philippines — Forum

Taiwan — Facebook group

Thailand — Forum

Austria — Facebook group

BeNeLux — Regional Facebook group

Europe – Central —  Regional Facebook group

Europe – East — Regional Facebook group, regional blog

Europe – North — Forum, Regional Facebook groupregional blog

France — Regional Facebook group

Germany — Facebook group

Greece — Facebook group

Italy and Malta — WebsiteFacebook page, Italy Facebook group, Malta Facebook groupmailing listL2+ mailing listL3 mailing list

Middle East — Facebook group

Poland — Forum

Portugal — Facebook group

Russian speaking countries — Mailing list

South Africa — ForumFacebook group

Spain — Facebook page

Switzerland — Facebook group

UK, Ireland & South Africa — Regional DiscordJudgeApps forum, Irish Magic Judges Facebook Group

Brazil — Regional Facebook group

Hispanic America North — Regional Facebook group

Hispanic America South — Website, Regional Facebook group


Regional Facebook group

Alberta & British Columbia — Facebook group

Ontario — Facebook group

Prairie — Facebook group

Quebec — Facebook groupforum

Saskatchewan — Forum


USA – Central — Regional Facebook group, Magic Judges of the Midwest Facebook group

USA – Great Lakes — Regional Facebook group, regional blog, SlackMagic Judges of the Midwest Facebook group, Ohio Facebook group, Kentucky Facebook group

USA – Midatlantic — Regional Facebook group,  regional blogSlack

USA – North — Regional Facebook group, regional blog, SlackMagic Judges of the Midwest Facebook group, Minnesota Facebook group, Wisconsin Facebook group

USA – Northeast — Regional Facebook group, regional blog, Slack

USA – Northwest — Regional Facebook group, Facebook group for eventsSlack, Colorado Facebook groupHawaii Facebook group, Idaho Facebook groupMontana Facebook group, Oregon Facebook group, Seattle area Facebook groupUtah Facebook groupWyoming Facebook group

USA – South — Regional Facebook group, Slack, Arkansas Facebook groupLouisiana Facebook group, Oklahoma Facebook groupTexas Facebook group, West Texas/New Mexico Facebook group

USA – Southeast — North Carolina Facebook groupAlabama-Mississippi Facebook groupGeorgia Facebook groupFlorida Facebook group

USA – Southwest — Regional Facebook GroupAZ Magic Judges Facebook groupSoCal Magic Judges Facebook groupCentral Valley Magic Judges Facebook group