Level 2 Recommendation Template Review


Please insert Section 1 in the comments section of the review. Insert Section 2 in the strength and weaknesses of the review.

Section 1

What event did you judge with the subject of this review? Date? REL? Number of players?

Please, answer yes or no:

  • Do you recommend the evaluated subject is tested for Level 2 based on your interaction with them at this event?
  • Do you believe the evaluated subject will do a decent job at an average PPTQ?

Section 2

Please write about the following topics in the strength and or weaknesses section. Keep in mind that the same topic can be in both, because the evaluated subject may be good at some of the items in the topic, but weak at others.
Note, the items in the brackets are examples, the candidate doesn’t need to be good at all of them; you don’t need to cover them all; and you may cover other areas not listed.

  • Event Structure (Examples: Understand Swiss round structure, understand single elimination structure, understand sealed procedure, understand draft procedure, understand all procedures of a tournament from the beginning to the finals, etc.)
  • Judging Policy and Operations (Examples: Able to prepare logistics for a sealed deck tournament, understand how to deck check, knows how to enter a DQ report, etc.)
  • Diplomacy and Interaction (Examples: Able to communicate with TO, able to communicate with other judges, able to deliver ruling to players, etc.)