Ivan Petkovic

Ivan Petkovic

Ivan Petkovic is the Coaching Sphere leader. This Sphere aims to provide skills to judges that enable them to grow as judges but also as individuals. Examples of these skills are giving and receiving effective feedback, working in and leading a team delivering rulings and other general communication skills.

Raising awareness about, as well as teaching these skills will ultimately raise the quality of player experience, make leaders more effective at events, projects and in their communities as well as create a better judging environment.

Interested in more? The Coaching Sphere Blog has a wealth of information for you!

The goals of the Sphere are ambitious, and we need help. So, if anything of this sounds interesting, send Ivan an email as he is coordinating between various projects in the Sphere as well as working with the project leaders to achieve their project’s long-term goals.


Judge Buddy Program

A system of resources and mentors designed to create the best experience for people working their first big event.
Project lead Cassidy Melczak
Team members | Adena Chernosky, Scott Marshall, Eliana Rabinowitz, Andrew Blizzard, Nole Clauson, Billy Gilmore, Caitlyn Hebert, Jessica Livingston, Ivan Petkovic, Andre Tepedino, Adam White
Links | JudgeApps project

Logistics Workshop

This workshop allows judges to improve their tournament logistics knowledge by solving different logistic-centered situations.
Project lead | Yuval Tzur
Team members | Alon LuskiIvan PetkovicSophie PagesJohn Papadakis,
Links | JudgeApps project