Damián Hiller

Damián Hiller

Damián Hiller is the Conferences Sphere leader. This Sphere’s goal is to help the community by supporting conferences around the world. Through various initiatives and from different angles, this Sphere aims to achieve one goal: to have Judge Conferences be the best face-to-face education and community bonding experience possible.


Conferences Policies and Guidelines

This project documents our policies and best practices, at the same time it provides tools to apply them to regions around the world.
Project lead | Nicholas Zitomer
Team members | Damián Hiller, Johanna Virtanen, Matteo Callegari, François Grossi, Ivan Petkovic, Aruna Prem Bianzino, Patrick Cool, David Poon, Stephen Wise
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Presenter Training Team

This project provides tools and best practices on how to prepare and deliver presentations to improve the quality of our presenters and materials in general.
Project lead Theodoros Millidonis
Team members | Damián Hiller, Johanna Virtanen, Matteo Callegari, Patrick Ericsson, Ivan Petkovic, Thomas Ralph, Mihai Bîrsan, Michael Chamberlain, Marc DeArmond, Andrew Keeler, Norman Ralph, Amy Tanner, Vasileios Vachtsevanos
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Conference Dates

This project maintains a public calendar of worldwide official conferences to raise awareness on when and where a conference is happening.
Project lead | David Guteša
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Conferences Official Reports

This project sets policy for the content of the reports submitted after each conference. It reviews, provides and stores feedback on each report provided after a conference for later use.
Project lead | Damián Hiller

Conferences Processing

This project coordinates the logistics behind conference support for each region. This includes acting as a liaison between Regional Coordinators and Wizards of the Coast, to help manage requests, track and followup on shipments to each official conference.
Project lead | Damián Hiller

Conferences Blog

This project manages the Conferences blog, schedules and edits content, and promotes it through various channels.
Project lead | Damián Hiller
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