Sophie Pagès

Sophie Pagès

Mission: “Provide judges with tools to improve skills that they need at tournaments”

The Learning Sphere tries to gather documents and written materials that facilitate the improvement of judges online. It can be about rules or policy, or even more tournament oriented skills, like investigations or reviews.

A lot of judges are interested either to create a new project to share their passion or to learn in order to improve. The main idea of the sphere is to be able to find answers to your questions online, whatever the topic is. It can be articles, tools for tournaments or guides to learn the rules. It also helps mentors or judges willing to start a new project to look into a database of projects.

Coordinating all projects related to the learning theme should serve several purposes

  • judges working on those projects may find help in related projects
  • judges looking to improve may find a project that can help them
  • judges having a new idea may check with other projects if their idea doesnt exist yet or if they can help in a related project

Finally, it’s important that projects keep a visibility, even if they were released months/years ago, if they are still accurate, and one of the aims of the sphere is to help them with this.


Below, the graph of projects included in the Learning Spheres, sorted by theme. If you want to know more about one category, click on the category. If you want to go directly to one project, click on the project itself.