Level 3 Testing

The Level 3 Advancement Process underwent significant changes in 2011. These changes were intended to meet the challenge of maintaining a strong global standard for Level 3, while creating processes which were more concrete, transparent and objective, in order to increase trust that the path to Level 3 is based on merit and not on who you know or who likes you.


Verification Committee

All level 3 applications go through the Verification Committee. It ensures that Level 3 applicants meet our standards and that they get an answer soon after they submit their applications. When an application is approved, it gets passed along to the Pre-Interviewers group.
Project lead | Sophie Pagès.
Members | Stephan Classen, Richard Drijvers, John Eriksson, François Grossi, Nate Hurley, Bryan Prillaman, Carlos RangonJosh Stansfield, John Temple, Jason Wong

Pre-Event Interviewers

After an application is approved by the Verification Committee, a Level 3 judge from this group handles that candidate’s Pre-Event Interview. Most interviews also have a shadow interviewer in order to promote idea exchange and let new members learn. The Pre-Event Interview lead’s task is to ensure that the process goes smoothly and relatively quickly, so that a candidate can be scheduled for a panel interview.
Project lead | Elise Bouaziz.
Members | Many, many L3s.


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