Introducing the Tournament Organizer’s Disqualification FAQ

This information on this page is outdated as of 5 September 2019. More up to date information is available at

Written by Eli Meyer
Level 2, United States

Hello judges,

Today, we are releasing a new document as part of the disqualification process, to help make this unfortunate but sometimes necessary process as pain-free as possible. We already have documents in place to help judges and players understands what happens during and after a disqualification. This new FAQ is intended to help the third stakeholder in Magic tournaments: store owners and tournament organizers.

You can view the document as a PDF here!

Who will benefit from this document?
This FAQ is targeted at small stores that may be new members of the Wizards Play Network or that might have small, casual playgroups. Most large games stores, as well as most stores with at least one certified judge on staff, will be familiar with DQ proceedings. However, any TO could potentially benefit from the information within, and paper is cheap, so err on the side of printing a copy if there are any questions.

When and how should I use this document?
Print this FAQ along with the Player Disqualification FAQ, and hand a copy to the store owner or tournament organizer at the time of issuing the penalty. The information in this document is relevant to all DQ’s, from Improperly Determining a Winner to more serious Cheating or Aggressive Behavior infractions.

This document also contains information about store policies and in-store bans. It may be helpful if a TO requests a player be removed from an event for infractions that do not meet the JAR/IPG standards for disqualification.

Where should I make suggestions to update this document?
Please send errata and updates to Eli Meyer ( and c/c Jack Doyle ( and Johanna Virtanen ( You can also make suggestions directly in Google Drive, though please let us know that you have done so as we may not see the notification!

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