Hi, everyone! First, I want to point out that within the next week or two, the article series on the Qualities of Regional Judges will be complete! I think these are going to be an excellent permanent resource for judges attempting to get to L3. Thanks to all of the authors who wrote the articles, as well as Jason Lemahieu for suggesting the idea in the first place.

The management of the L3 testing process is now in the capable hands of Daniel Kitachewsky, and I’m excited to see the fresh perspective he will bring to the job.

As for me, you’ll still see me at events, but I’ve decided to step down to L3 and reduce my role in the program outside of events. In my time in charge of the L3 process, I’ve had a great deal of help and support from a very large number of people in the program. You all have my gratitude. Working together, I think we’ve left the L3 process in better shape than it was when I took over.

It is now my great honor to rejoin the L3 community that I’ve helped build over the past several years.

Thanks everyone!


2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. The judge program has become a much better one with the mark you’ve left in your period as L4, a mark which will last for long. I toast for you and the work accomplished (with huge success)! You’ve been an inspiration for me and certainly many more!

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