JudgeApps Notification Settings

If you are interested in Judge Conferences, Judge Dinners and/or Competitive events, you should configure your notification settings on JudgeApps, because you won’t be notified about any events by default.

To do so, log in on JudgeApps, go to Notifications and then Change your notification settings.

The first part of the page is set up correctly already, most importantly receiving email for New Event Created. No need to touch this for now.

Scroll down to Event Notification Settings and you see the list of events for which you want notifications. This list is empty!

Time to add things.
If you’re interested in both competitive events and judge gatherings, select Select All from Event Types and Benelux for the Region and press Add. All done!
If you’re only interested in judge gatherings (Conferences & Dinners) and not in competitive events you should only select Judge Conference and Other from Event Types.

Regular events are rarely posted on JudgeApps; There have been no BeNeLux Prerelease events posted in 2017 for example. If you are interested in these, but not in Competitive events (so you’re not using Select All), then you can select these just in case.
At some point you might be interested in events outside of the Benelux. Then you can add Grand Prix or Judge Conferences from other regions as well. If you’re close to Germany, then MKM Series could also be a great opportunity.

Now, if you’re applying to events it’s important to have a picture on your profile to show the event organizer and the other judges/attendees what you look like. Most people remember others through facial recognition rather than their names. So while we’re here, click on your name and then Set Image.

Here you can upload a photo.

The instructions mention Tactful Attire. Basically this means whatever you wear when you’re judging, so if it’s something that you would wear at your LGS, it’s acceptable for a profile picture. Once you start judging competitive, the judge shirt is the most appropriate. The background should be MtG-related or neutral. If you only have beach photos, then just crop one so only your head is visible! Any photo with a recognizable face is infinitely better than no photo.

Or if you want to get creative, photoshop your head onto your favorite MtG art! You can also ask me to do that, I’ll be glad to help! (past performance is no guarantee of future results)