Christmas in July: Canada Day S.W.A.G. Announcement

Written by Michael Gyssels

Written by Michael Gyssels

Hello, Judges!

It’s almost July, which means it’s almost Canada Day–and Canadian Nationals–and that means it’s finally time to peel back the wrapping on some shiny gifts from the Hype Team to you! We’ve been hard at work on a number of projects and this weekend marks the culmination of not one, not two, but THREE projects.

Cross-Canada Day Judge Parties

First up, the Cross-Canada Day Judge Parties will be happening all weekend long. Judges across the country will be gathering, celebrating, and knowledge-sharing. Watch the #ShowYourRed hashtag on Twitter (and follow Magic Judges Canada) to see photos from those events and use it to share your own celebrations, Magic-related or otherwise! Judges from across the country are also encouraged to join a special Discord server so we can party together digitally. Information on the Discord channel will be available via the Canadian judge Facebook group closer to the weekend!

The hub of Canada Day hype for Magic judges will, of course, be at Nationals, hosted by our own FacetoFace Games! At the event, we’re going to have a media wall set up in the judge room so that you can keep up with coast-to-coast hype, share judge selfies and relax over an exclusive game of…


ResultSlip Canada!

If you’re not familiar, ResultSlip is a wonderful judge project of which our own Kentaro Guthrie and Megan Linscott are a part. The project aims to bring a custom version of Love Letter to every GP, with the characters in the game replaced with judges at the event.

For this special edition of the game, we’ve pulled out all the stops. A special thanks to Kevin Rochealeau for helping me create the game, and to Tobias Vyseri for adding some professional design gloss to our version. Now, here’s a sneak peak–and what do you know, Kentaro and Megan are here once again!

ResultSlip Canada features regional all-stars and local heroes alike vying for the favour of the Head Judge! But who could those judges be? Well, you’ll have too wait until July 1st to find out.

Of course, attending Nationals isn’t the only way to play. If you signed up to host a Canada Day party for your local judges, we’ll be mailing you a care package that contains:

  1. (1) Special Edition ResultSlip Canada
  2. (X) Magic Canada Judge Pens where X is equal to the number of judges attending your event
  3. (X) Judge Feedback Form Tokens where X is equal to twice the number of judges attending your event.

Hold on: “twice?” Why twice?

Canadian Judge Feedback Form Tokens

Well, you see, this weekend, we’re unveiling the first 2/5 exclusive Canadian Judge Feedback Form tokens. There will be plenty available for judges attending Nationals and each judge at a Canada Day party will receive 2 of their own. Depending on the available quantity after Nationals weekend ends, you might find some more making their way to you through various limited distribution methods later this year!

The tokens all boast beautiful artwork designed by Tobi! The first token in the set shows off our illustrious RC in fit, fighting form: 

Now, I did say two tokens, and I did say feedback form, so you’re probably wondering who’s on the other token? What’s the back look like? What does the fox say? Well, you’ll have to wait for generous folks to share photos this weekend to see who else is featured in these projects! (What a wonderful way to #ShowYourRed no?)

There are five tokens in the series, with three more coming toward the end of the year. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some, pay attention to future regional judge gatherings like this one to get some distributed to you.

That’s all for now, folks. See you this weekend!

But wait, Mike–most card games like ResultSlip have uniform backs, don’t they?

Hmm…you know, I think you’re right…

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