2020 Magic Judge Online Seminars

Announcing the 2020 Magic Judge Online Seminar Series

We are proud to announce 4 weeks filled to the brim with amazing seminars, coming to a computer screen near you, sponsored by Judge Academy, CFB Events and tournamentcenter.eu.

You heard that right – if we can’t meet each other for real life conferences, we’ll just bring the seminars right to your living room! These seminars will be run at various time slots to ensure we have worldwide availability. Wherever you live (well, almost), each day you’ll have a seminar in the evening and one somewhere around noon.

Starting May 4, you can enjoy 28 days of seminars, following this schedule,

2:00 19:00 22:00 4:00 10:00 12:00 Americas – APAC
10:00 3:00 6:00 12:00 18:00 20:00 APAC – Europe
18:00 11:00 14:00 20:00 2:00 4:00 Europe – Americas

For the 18:00 UTC slot, we expect to have more interest as it serves the two georegions with the most judges, so we’re going to be offering up to two (different) seminars in that time slot. The other slots will each have up to one seminar. This may change for future weeks based on actual applications; it’s our best guess right now.

The seminars will be held on a private Discord server (details to come) by using the Go Live functionality that shares the presenter’s screen. We are limiting attendance to 40 people per seminar, both to ensure we can have some interactivity and due to technical limitations of Discord. Each seminar has a one hour time slot assigned.

This is pretty ambitious, so we’re going to need your help!

First of all, if you have topics you wish to present, please fill out the application link here.
We’re also looking for a few people that can help with moderating the channels and some backend administrative work like scheduling and tracking attendance; you can apply here for admin roles.

Both our presenters and admins will be presented with judge foils as a thank you, with a judge foil pack consisting of the two conference exclusive foils and two other judge foils. They’ll be shipped to you around the end of June, or delivered at an event.
We will be taking all applications on a weekly basis; Week 1 is open now and will close on April 27 (midnight UTC). The schedule should be published shortly after. We’re looking to publish Week 2 before the first week of seminars start.

Once we have the schedule for Week 1 finalized, we’ll open up the attendance links where you can enroll for the seminars. As attendance is limited to 40 people per seminar, we’ll need to do some selections, which our admin team will try to keep as fair as possible.

More details will follow when we announce the schedule!

best regards
your project team
Michael Arrowsmith, Jurgen Baert, Sashi Balakrishnan and Klaus Lassacher


4 thoughts on “2020 Magic Judge Online Seminars

  1. I see the presenters receive packets, but do the attendees? Also, what are the requisites for acquiring them? Thanks

    1. hey!
      Presenters and admin get a foil pack for presenting or helping several times.
      We sadly do not have foil support for attendees.

    1. sorry to anwer so late.
      we will always post presenters and admins early and as soon as we have a plan for the week we open attendee application

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