The 2019 Judge Conduct Committee

I’m proud to announce the membership of the 2019 Judge Conduct Committee, which was selected in December of 2018.

This time, we chose to select a committee with eleven total members. Current JCC members who wished to remain on the JCC were, as always, required to re-apply.

Here is the 2019 JCC:

I’d like to thank the selection committee, composed of outgoing JCC lead Cristiana Dionisio as well as Alfonso Bueno, Johanna Virtanen, Rob McKenzie, Scott Marshall,  Daniel Sole Garcia, and Eliana Rabinowitz.

Thanks as well to outgoing JCC members Asuka Nagashima and Daniel Sole Garcia for their hard work on the 2018 committee.

Update: Eric Dustin Brown was originally a member of the 2019 JCC but stepped down in May.

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