Magic Judge Code

The Magic Judge Code is no longer updated.

This page houses the Magic Judge Code. You can find it here (.pdf): Magic Judge Code (last updated February 19, 2019)

The current version of the document has been informed by the perspectives and experiences of the 2015-2018 term members, (formerly) L4/L5 judges, and the Regional Coordinators, as well as other individuals who have been involved in cases during the existence of the JCC.

The team which contributed to the writing and construction of the original version of this  document includes (in no particular order):

  • Eric Levine
  • Alfonso Bueno
  • Gavin Duggan
  • Kim Warren
  • Sean Catanese
  • Cristiana Dionisio
  • David Lyford-Smith
  • Kevin Binswanger
  • Jeremy Behunin
  • David Zimet
  • Richard Drijvers
  • Shawn Jamison
  • Chris Richter
  • Adam Shaw
  • Eric Shukan
  • Johanna Virtanen
  • Jeremie Granat