Magic Judge Code

This page houses the current, up-to-date version of the Magic Judge Code. You can find it here (.pdf): Magic Judge Code

The current version of the document has been informed by the perspectives and experiences of the 2015 term members, (formerly) L4/L5 judges, and the Regional Coordinators, as well as each person who has been involved in a case in the 2015 term.

The team which contributed to the writing and construction of the original version of this  document includes (in no particular order):

  • Eric Levine
  • Alfonso Bueno
  • Gavin Duggan
  • Kim Warren
  • Sean Catanese
  • Cristiana Dionisio
  • David Lyford-Smith
  • Kevin Binswanger
  • Jeremy Behunin
  • David Zimet
  • Richard Drijvers
  • Tasha Jamison
  • Chris Richter
  • Adam Shaw
  • Eric Shukan