Hello World!

And oh boy, it did take quite some time to get started!

Welcome everyone to the Conferences Sphere blog. For more than 2 years already many many of our most talented members in the community have been working in the shadows trying to make judge conferences around the world better places for learning, knowledge sharing and community bonding.

In this lapse quite a couple of this members have joined, some of them staying since inception til present time, some others needed to turn their attention elsewhere and even have had cases of people joining, leaving only to join us again after some time.

The first couple of posts will be mostly introductory, presenting you all with the various projects which constitute the sphere and bringing some light to the amazing work we’ve been doing in the shadows all this time. After that we’ll be using this blog to comment on changes, philosophy, etc around conferences, as well as provide updates on what the various projects are doing.

While I invite you to surf through the whole page and start seeing what’s coming (though most is still a work in progress), I would like to start by introducing and directing your attention to the Content page.

Conferences are great gatherings for sharing knowledge but without the time put into making sure there’s some solid background information and support for this knowledge, the transmission is not the same. As such, the Content Project’s goal is to recollect as many presentations held in conferences as possible and maintain a collection of “spotlighted” presentations with the best of the best from each topic. Our sincere hope is that this material helps you all to see what has already been done in previous conferences and take this material as a starting point for your own presentations whether that is at a judge conference, any gathering of judges or just food for thought for yourselves.