Conference Content Blog – January 2016 update

Francois Grossi L3, France

Francois Grossi L3, France

Hello Magic Judges,

It’s been a while wince we didn’t have any news on this project but it is still live ! Check it out with the latest seminars we uploaded on the Conference Content blog

So without further ado here are some news regarding the Conference Content Blog:

First of all, thanks to all the organizers and/or presenters who submitted their seminar slides to us.

The main news here is that we will now host non english conferences on a new format :
here is the last German conference and the last Italian leadership conference

If you have any feedback concerning this formatting please send them to this mail address

Finally some words about our “Pick of the Month” :

Jonas Drieghe with Pedantic Learning

This seminar is a collection of good practices, fun study methods and teaching techniques for judges who are looking to level up or mentor others.

Thanks to the numerous judges who kept submitting their seminars on 2015 ! Last but not least a huge thank you to the members of the project that help provide this website active : Iva Kleiner, Loic Hervier, Florian Horn and Adam Kolipinski. See you next month !