Updates to Conference Support – March 2017

Hello again!

Since our last update there have been some changes in what and how we are providing support to all the conferences.

While not particularly important or relevant, there’s one change that does impact this set of messages: the part where we’re no longer aligned calendar wise on when we rotate cards (as we did in the past, where we rotated along with Exemplar Waves).

This certainly may add a bit of confusion in regards to “what will I get, when I go to conference ‘x'”, but in the end, it’s not too drastic and actually adds some excitement to it as it allows us to rotate faster or slower and make adjustments if need to along the road.

The time for renewal has come, and it’s time for some interesting reveals. Here’s the upcoming attendant pack:







Dark Confidant was for the longest time a card very tied to conferences, being awarded to (in various moments) both presenters and organizers. I’m very excited to see “Bob” return to us for a while and give attendants the chance to grab one!

Also Wasteland is rotating into the attendants packs from the organizer one. As you can see, we’re starting to play around more with the distribution of cards so everyone can get some of each 😀

That means that for this round, both Organizers and Presenters will be getting Rishadan Ports:

Hope to see you joining us in your regional conferences!