Updates to Conference Support – May 2017

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Hello everyone!

Continuing with our efforts to keep judge conferences support fresh and continously rotating along with keepiung you all up to date with what’s being awarded at these events, we’ve got a new update for all of you!

Starting with the next couple of conferences, here’s what your attendants packs will look like:







Along with this update, we want to clarify some aspects which have caused some confusion in some conferneces:

By announcing the cards that are currently in rotation we have no other intention than to bring clarity and information to you all but, at the same time, there are some aspects which are somewhat out of our control through process of getting a conference supported (delays in shipping, materials sent earlier than expected, a sudden need to rotate the packs, etc.) which  which can create confusion as to which packs each conference is receiving, and wether you’re getting the announced pack, an older one pack, etc

As much as we strive not to fall in those situations, it’s not out of the possibilities and we rather give you all the information (and be at sometimes wrong) than not give it at all! If you’re in doubt of which cards you’ll be receiving , please contact your conference organizer for confirmation.

Thanks to all!