Nordic Spring Conference 2017 – Report

Lars Harald Nordli L2, Norway

Lars Harald Nordli L2, Norway

Editor’s note: Originally posted in the Nordic Region blog, we wanted to give more exposure to Lars’ report. Enjoy reading!

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: May 13th, 2017

Photography: Lars Harald Nordli



Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, would be our host city for the Nordic Spring Conference for 2017. Patrick Erisson provided a very nice venue in the form of Studiefrämjandet where we had two big rooms with enough chairs and tables to accomodate all the judges. The venue was located in the city centre, so we had close access to grocery stores and it was just a short walk to the restaurant where the judge dinner would later be held.


50 judges attended the conference, and for those that like crunching numbers, here’s a treat:

  • 26 judges from Sweden
  • 9 judges from Norway
  • 6 judges from Finland
  • 5 judges from Denmark
  • 2 judges from Iceland
  • 1 judge from Lithuania
  • 1 judge from UK
  • 5 L3 judges
  • 19 L2 judges
  • 25 L1 judges
  • 1 L0


There were a lot of interesting seminars during the conference, and you can find a nice overview by clicking here, no sorry – click here.


A lot of testing was done during the conference, and we’re happy to announce that our region grew with 3 new L2 judges and 1 new L1 judge! Congratulations to:

Judge Jeopardy

As tradition would have it, no Nordic Judge Conference is complete without our favourite game of Judge Jeopardy! A big thanks to Eskil Myrenberg and Asger Skovbjerg for hosting this yet again! This time we had three participants questioning subjects ranging from “Flavour of the Day” to “Mummy’s Home”!

The contestants were:

After countless questions from the contestants (remember, this is Judge Jeopardy), one person was crowned victor and got to take home a wonderful Tarpan altered by our beloved RC Johanna Virtanen! Congratulations yet again Felipe!

Judge Dinner

After the conference all headed towards the restaurant where we would feast, brag, discuss and play a lot of games! All in all, a very productive and social conference that the participants will long remember!


Name: Per Carlsson, L1
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Was this your first conference?
No, this is actually my third conference.
Tell us your thoughts about this conference.
The conference was well organized with a great venue. The setup with double seminars were great as I could choose which one I wanted to attend. Also Judge Jeopardy! 🙂

Name: Robert Thor Hafþórsson, L0
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
Was this your first conference?
Tell us your thoughts about this conference.
I had no expectations coming and I had a blast, it was very educational. The seminars were great and the conference did not dissapoint. I tested for L1, but sadly did not pass. It was good that Sigurður passed his L2 test, so I can test for L1 when we’re back in Iceland again.

Name: Marit Norderhaug Getz, L2 and Christian Munoz, L2
Location: Oslo, Norway and Kristiansand, Norway
Was this your first conference?
Marit: No, this is my second time at a conference.
Christian: Beat you by one then Marit, since this is my third conference!
Tell us your thoughts about this conference.
Christian: The conference itself was very good, but there was some repeated seminars!
Marit: I liked the double seminars, as I could attend other seminars that I hadn’t attended before!