Some news on the Card Counting Challenge

Mika├źl Rabie L2, France

Mika├źl Rabie L2, France

Hello everyone!

This announcement is a follow up to the introduction┬áto the Card Counting Challenge. Those workshops have already been presented in several occasions all over the world. In this article, we’ll provide links to the existing scenarios and open the possibility to join the Card Counting Challenge project!

If you have already participated in one of the scenarios and have some feedback, please fill this form. It will help us improve the next scenarios.

Since last article, two new scenarios have been created. Here are the links to the 4 scenarios. At the end of the google documents are provided links to extra documents, such as a file with the corresponding proxies to print, etc:

All the current and future scenarios are available on this google drive.

The two last scenarios have a twist.

In the third scenario, instead of counting cards, the goal is to count life totals. The judge will have to ask the right questions in order to reconstruct the game. Do not worry, we are still in turn 3: nothing much can have happened in such a short amount of time ­čÖé !

The HOU sealed scenario has also a twist. The counting part is relatively easy, and a good introduction to counting challenges. After having resolved the counting question, the judge will have the possibility to resolve a second element of the scenario, which is quite challenging.

As you can see, we are already looking for ways to make the concept evolve. If you have any ideas of scenario we can create, or situation we could put, do not hesitate to fill this form. If you want to join the project, you can also contact me directly. The goals of the project is to create, test and share around global events scenarios. We are also aiming to translate those scenarios to permit people to bring it to their communities. We will start soon a new scenario involving a limited Ixalan game.

I hope you will enjoy these scenarios, as well as the future ones. A big thank you to Guillaume Beuzelin, Sophie Pag├Ęs and Antonio Zanutto for spreading the seminars all around the world, and to Kevin Desprez and Florian Horn for their contributions to the content. Thanks also a lot to the people who brought it and all the monitors around the world.