Updates to Conference Support – September 2019

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Greetings everyone!

As we approach the end of the year, it’s once again time to update the support being given to conferences! Before delving into what new cards we’ll be seeing around conferences starting on mid October, I wanted to take the liberty to have a few words.

As you have probably seen in the various announcements, this new wave represents not only the last set of cards from this year but also, the end to an era as, moving forward in 2020, the Judge Academy team will be taking the lead on all conferences related updates and implementation so in a way, this is the last post from the conferences sphere as we knew it for many years.

Along this years many members of our worldwide community jumped to help us model, improve and disseminate our conferences shaping them from isolated efforts taking place in different places around the world, each with their own method and shape into a well established program which has risen on popularity and impact on the program as a whole in ways we could’ve never expect. To all those of you who in one way or another have helped improve conferences, whether by participating in any of the multiple projects we had along the years, as an RC, a conference organizer, presenting at one of our conferences or even just by attending and/or providing us feedback, you helped us shape us into what conferences look and work for today. My honest thanks to all of you:  when I was asked some 7 or 8 years ago to take the lead on this, It was far from my imagination how much we would achieve. Hats off to all of you. Naming each and everyone of you proved to be impossible: you know who you are 😀

Back to regular business:

As I was saying,  mid-October marks our last wave of 2019 and this time, it’s our pleasure to be the ones presenting the newest cards from the program (cards which also compose the initial mailing which Judge Academy will be serving: you can find their announcement here!)

Without further to add, here they are!