Introducing the Europe-East Region Events calendar

On behalf of Rami Abdo and myself it is our pleasure to introduce the all-new Europe-East Region Events calendar.

You can also access this calendar via the navigation bar of this same blog.

This calendar will feature all Grand Prix and Pro Tours anywhere in the world, WMCQs, RPTQs and PPTQs in any of the countries of the Europe-East region, Prerelease Weekends, and other events in Europe such as the European Bazaar of Moxen Tour and the MKM Series. In-region Judge Conferences will also be featured.

Google CalendarAs you can see on the link above the calendar is a Google Calendar embedded on a page of the Europe-East Regional blog, but can also be added to your regular Google Calendar app for you to use on any computer or smartphone the same way you’d use any other Google Calendar. You can add the whole calendar to be visible on your Google Calendar app, or copy events individually to your personal Google Calendar.

To add the whole calendar this simply click on the +Google Calendar button in the bottom right corner of the calendar, and a new browser window will prompt you to add this calendar to your Google Calendar app.

2016-01-05 14_41_46-Judging in Europe East

To copy a single event to your personal Google Calendar click on any event, and a pop-up will appear. Then click on “copy to my calendar”.

2016-01-05 14_48_18-Judging in Europe East

Inside each event there will be further details for the event, normally the corresponding link on the Wizards Store & Event Locator, but for some events like Grand Prix also links to the Tournament Organizer website and/or factsheet. When available event details will include a link to the application event page on JudgeApps. Click on “more details” to see this.

You can browse by date, have different views (week, month, etc.), print, and all the regular features of a Google Calendar.

This calendar is maintained by Rami Abdo, please contact him for corrections or new additions to the calendar. This calendar is public, feel free to share it with your local communities.