Exemplar Wave 6 Features – Theodoros Millidonis


In this wave, we will continue to feature some highlights of the Exemplar nominations received by judges in our region.

Stay tuned to this blog or to the Europe-East Magic Judges Facebook group to read more features, today we present…

Theodoros Millidonis

Theodoros MillidonisL1, Cyprus

Theodoros Millidonis
L1, Cyprus

Theo is a L1 born and raised in Bulgaria, and now living in Cyprus. He is a member of the Presenters Training Team within the Conference Sphere where he writes articles and delivers presentations on how judges can improve their public speaking skills. He is also a columnist for Magic Judge Monthly, being responsible for the Policy, Tournament Operations, Projects and Jobs sections. Theo is a driving force behind the MTG community in Cyprus, where he judges the floor during most PPTQ’s and WMCQ’s. His main focus currently is on certifying for L2.

Theodoros received 7 nominations in Wave 6, let’s have a look at them.

Damián Hiller had this to say about Theo:

At risk or repeating myself from last wave, I’ll try to keep it short: you keep being awesome. You keep bringing energy all around, both to me and the writers, both when pinging and when receiving, in real face to face conversations and distant online ones. You’re much more than we deserve, but thanks to you we keep getting better (and hopefuly get there at some point)! Thanks my friend! 

Rami Abdo had this to say about Theo:

Once again you have impressed me with your presenter skills at the Summer 2016 judge conference. Your seminar on reviews was very informative and I believe your introduction of the seminar feedback form will significantly improve future conferences and even reviews in general.

Giorgos Trichopoulos had this to say about Theo:

This exemplar is on behalf of George Gavrilita 🙂 Thank you Theo for breaking new ground with your detailed and actionable review about my seminar at the 2016 Europe East Judge Conference in Sinaia! I hope you can help many more judges not only share content, but making it interesting as well! 

Guillaume Beuzelin had this to say about Theo:

Theo, Jean François Durmont asked me to write this recognition because he decided to translate yours articles about body language few months ago. He was really impressed by your amazing work and he can not imagine how many days you spent ont it. These articles are very useful for me and for people who would like to improve its body language science. Thank you very much for your sharing of knowledge! I have to say, I didn’t read your articles till Jean François sent me this message, but now it’s done and I agree about the quality of what you wrote. Thank you for the time and effort spend on it.

Ivan Petkovic had this to say about Theo:

I really like your energy and dedication at conference sphere. You are the driving force behind it, making sure the project is on track and content is being produced. At the regional conference, I asked you to help me with providing feedback to the presenters, and not only you have already been doing that, you also implemented concise feedback form. I am so happy to have you at the sphere, moving things forward.  

David de la Iglesia had this to say about Theo:

Thank you Theodoros for your excellent work writing your series of articles about judge conferences. Having seen you present this topic as a seminar it was no surprise to me that you were able to explain on the topic in such detail. And hey, illustrating it with all those pictures makes it just top notch material. Thanks so much! 

Giorgos Trichopoulos had this to say about Theo:

This recognition is on behalf of Vasileios Vachtsevanos The project which is about improving our way about reviewing both events and conferences is superb. I would both like to join it and try to expand it in open forms for players to fill in as well for events like GPT,PPTQ, RPTQ, so that we can adjust to the needs of local societies as well. 

Congratulations Theo for your amazing work!