Exemplar Wave 6 Features – David de la Iglesia


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David de la Iglesia, L3, Qatar

David de la Iglesia, L3, Qatar

David de la Iglesia (aka DLI) is a L3 judge from Madrid (Spain) currently residing in sunny and way – hotter – than – what – you – can – imagine Doha, in Qatar. DLI became L1 at Spanish Nationals in Ciudad Real in August 2008. Shortly after he certified for L2 on April 2009. After much traveling and judging all around the world he was promoted to L3 at Grand Prix Providence on May 2011. DLI’s Real Life™ job is in the broadcasting industry, since December 2014 he works in Al Jazeera’s HQ in Doha as Senior Vision Mixer.

David received 4 nominations in Wave 6, let’s have a look at all of them.

Christian Gawrliowicz had this to say about David:

 Hola David! Sometimes you are a pain in the a… and really complicated to work with. But in general you are very much needed in the judge program as you are one of the few persons that are not afraid to speak their mind, point out things that need to be improved, and move things forward. The latter being the most important character trait – if you see something that needs to be changed, you put the energy into actually changing it (and not only complain). This is something that currently is very much needed in our region (I consider myself as a part of that :-)). Thank you and keep it up! 

Giorgos Trichopoulos had this to say about David:

 One of the things that I would like to encourage all judges and especially L3s is taking initiatives. L3 should step in, helping other judges, encourage them and empower them. This is exactly what you did with Yuval and his two back to back articles. You discovered him, saw the value, helped him to finalise those articles and you published them to our blog. Thank you for helping me managing our region! 

Alejandro Raggio had this to say about David:

 David, al estar alejado se que te cuesta participar mucho en torneos y similares, pero me gustaría destacar la dedicación que le pones al sitio Official Resources. Has encontrado algo que te gusta hacer y siempre tratas de resolver todo lo más rápido posible.

For those who don’t understand Spanish here is the translation

David, because of being away I know you find it hard to participate a lot in tournaments and the like, but I would like to highlight the dedication that you put to the Official Resources site. You have found something that you like to do and you always try to solve everything as fast as possible. 

Nemesio Alejandro Bolaños Gutiérrez had this to say about David:

 David, Durante el pasado GP Barcelona yo trabajé por primera vez de encargado de side events en un gp europeo, en ese día apesar que no era tu responsabilidad diste un paso adelante y te acercaste para ofrecer tu ayuda sobre explicarme como funciona proceso que realizaban, y como dijiste tu “que yo tenga la mejor experiencia” realmente esto demuestra un interés mas allá de lo que espera tus responsabilidades sino también con el desarrollo de otros y el evento en general. Gracias, por demostrar interés en los demás!

For those who don’t understand Spanish here is the translation

David, During the past GP Barcelona I worked for the first time as side events lead at an European GP. That day, although it was not your responsibility, you took a step forward and approached me to offer your help on explaining to me how the process works, and to help me to, as you said “have the best experience”. This really shows an interest in doing beyond what is expected from your responsibilities but also interest in the development of others and in the event in general. Thank you for showing interest in others! 

Congratulation on your astonishing work !