Exemplar Wave 8 Features – Yuval Tzur


In wave 8 we continue featuring some highlights of the Exemplar nominations received by judges in our region.

Stay tuned to this blog or to the Europe-East Magic Judges Facebook group to read more features, today we present…

Yuval Tzur

Yuval Tzur L2, Israel

Yuval Tzur L2, Israel

Yuval is an L2 judge from Tel Aviv and is the country coordinator for Israel. He learned how to play while in the army. After a spectacular 0-3 in the Champions of Kamigawa prerelease, he dropped, joined the judge ranks and never looked back. In addition to his involvement with the Israeli community, Yuval takes part in the Europe – East L2 Training project, the Random Situation Generator, JudgeApps development, DQ documents translation and working on his advancement to L3.

Yuval received 4 nominations in Wave 8, let’s have a look at them.

David Shor had this to say about Yuval:

Yuval, you’ve been and still are a great mentor, although we sometimes disagree on things you always steer me in the correct direction. With the new Israel Study project, which is the first thing I’ve ever managed, you’ve successfully mentored me with the process of managing it, the judges who volunteer and the content which is made for the project. You have also helped A LOT to the country, as you are the best CC I’ve worked with(although the competition wasn’t so hard) . You brought new life to the region and Israel is booming with new judges and soon to have even more. Thank you for your hard work and good management, and I hope you remain the CC for a long time(although I wouldn’t mind an L3 as my CC *wink wink*)

Giorgos Trichopoulos had this to say about Yuval:

Another wave and another recognition from me Yuval 🙂 You have a great deal of energy and I am happy that you are channelling it to our little region. When I asked for a volunteer regarding the regional conference report, you stood up immediately. You finished the report in 1week, asked for feedback, 2nd round of feedback and boom done in a very timely and professional manner. When you are talking about your L3 future you are making my life easier. You already have a plan in place and it seems that my role at this time is just following it through.

Jernej Lipovec  had this to say about Yuval:

Yuval, thank you for being exemplary Country Coordinator being always first to reply comprehensively to our questions/requests. Feedback I received regarding my attempt of restarting L2 project was very helpful and your remarks were spot on!

Ralph Glätsch had this to say about Yuval:

Hi Yuval,
Thank you for all the time and extra effort you put into the random situation project. I am happy to have you as team memeber! You are activly helping to improve the project and to bring it to a new standard. Thanks again for all your work!

Thank you for your unreserved work in the judge community!