Exemplar Wave 11 Features – Yuval Tzur


In wave 11 we continue featuring some highlights of the Exemplar nominations received by judges in our region.

Stay tuned to this blog or to the Europe-East Magic Judges Facebook group to read more features, today we present…

Yuval Tzur

Yuval Tzur L2, Israel

Yuval Tzur L2, Israel

Yuval is an L2 judge from Tel Aviv and is the country coordinator for Israel. He learned how to play while in the army. After a spectacular 0-3 in the Champions of Kamigawa prerelease, he dropped, joined the judge ranks and never looked back. In addition to his involvement with the Israeli community, Yuval takes part in the Europe – East L2 Training project, the Random Situation Generator, JudgeApps development, DQ documents translation, and is working on his advancement to L3.

Yuval received 4 nominations in Wave 11, let’s have a look at them.

 Christian Gawrilowicz had this to say about Yuval:

Thank you Yuval for continuously making sure that relevant announcements are shared in the Europe East Facebook group. With this “our” judges have a place where they can always find all relevant information.

Giorgos Trichopoulos had this to say about Yuval:

Once again, the 6th time in the past 7 waves, I am recognising you! This time you impressed the leadership of the region with your work on standardising the organisation of a conference. You took the official conference spreadsheet, and you colour code it and add a lot of automated goodies. Apart from that you created a generic version for 5 more documents, ranging from giving feedback and how to rate/share that feedback, up to how to get to the conference with ease and help with the schedule. I am looking forward to the moment that I will present your work to the conference sphere leader!

  Damián Hiller  had this to say about Yuval:

Recognition on behalf of George Gavrilita: The pirate policy update was way more polarising than anybody would’ve ever expected, but instead of critiquing or defending the writing style of this judge resource, you actually stepped in and gave a suggestion to make everybody happy. In a time of contextless “likes” and “dislikes”, short, thoughtful and useful comments like yours should be of inspiration for everybody. https://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2017/09/25/policy-changes-for-ixalan/#comment-3410

Alexander Papageorgiou had this to say about Yuval:

Yuval, this has been a long time coming. I am no longer surprised every time I see your name in a regional project – it’s just expected. Not only that, but I know that work that has gone through your hands is tested, edited and optimized to perfection, as I saw up close in the conference toolkit project. Knowing that a cooperator is so dependable is a rare peace of mind – knowing that person is involved in most of our regional projects gives me confidence in their quality. The “Ottoman Empire” and the global judge community owe you a huge “Thanks!”

Congratulations for your hard and creative work.