Global Judge Project Org Chart 2018 – A Summer’s Unofficial Update

I get contacted about changes to the org chart quite a lot – by sphere leaders, by project members, by the random person who just happen to have spoted something outdated – and to all of them I say the following:

We’ll update the actual org chart, but at the same time you should know that the published PDF version containing the links is a premium option which costs money. That means that version won’t be updated, unless specifically asked by the PCs, and that only happens about once or twice a year.

Now with a few changes here and there it’s not that big of a deal, but as time goes on there are more and more inconsistencies between what’s published and the way the organizational structure actually is. Add to that the fact that every month several new projects appear while old ones disappear, and you’ll understand that even last month’s org chart is outdated.

This is hindering us from fulfilling the org projects role, which is to provide the judge program and PCs with an accurate organizational chart structure, an updated overview of global projects and how they relate to all the spheres.

The official sphere page contains a link to the latest premium version of the org chart.
Here I’d like to introduce a secondary link, leading to the latest “regular” version of the org chart.
While this version doesn’t contain those neat clickable links and hasn’t been approved by all the sphere leaders (increasing the chance it could contain some errors) it is one that can be updated much more frequently, thus presenting a more relevant picture of the program.

DIRECT LINK (Updated August 2018)

As always, if you are part of a project that should be on the org chart but isn’t, know of a project shown to be dormant or inactive, see a project listed under the wrong sphere, or even aware of a new project manager – please let us know by sending me a message through judge apps.

Projects in need of assistance

With this unofficial release I’m implementing a minor change to the chart:
One of the original usages of the org chart was to allow judges see all the global projects in a visible way, so that if they wish to volunteer they could do so more easily by knowing all of the different options.
Currently if you’re looking to volunteer for a project, there are 2 main ways to find one (other than word-to-mouth):

1. Enter the Projects page, and there go over a massive “Public Projects Looking for Help” section.

2. Check out publications in the “Project Recruitment & Help Wanted” Forum

As a third way, global projects needing help are now marked with a little red cross in their corner + .
Check them out to see what kind of assistance they’re looking for.