Exemplar Wave 15 Features – Yuval Tzur


In wave 15 we continue featuring some highlights of the Exemplar nominations received by judges in our region.

Stay tuned to this blog or to the Europe-East Magic Judges Facebook group to read more features, today we present…

Yuval Tzur

Yuval Tzur L2, Israel

Yuval Tzur L2, Israel

Yuval was the Israeli country coordinator until becoming the RC, and is actively working on advancing to L3. Yuval enjoys judging GPs, but likes conferences even more.. He learned how to play while in the army. After a spectacular 0-3 in the Champions of Kamigawa prerelease, he dropped, joined the judge ranks and never looked back. In addition to his involvement with the Israeli community, Yuval takes part in the Europe – East L2 Training project, the Random Situation Generator, JudgeApps development, DQ documents translation, and is working on his advancement to L3.

Yuval received 3 nominations in Wave 15, let’s have a look at them.

Milorad Pavlovic  had this to say about Yuval:

Yuval, your good work and excellent results speak for themself, so talking about how you became our respectful RC or how you successfully managed big conference would be redundant. There is much more in you than meet the eye, and that is your engagement, proactivity and leadership in your community. Those are very valuable assets that you have and share with us. On each conference more and more judges are coming with you, always with the new ones. That is how the Community grows. By your example. Thank you for that. You are inspiring in every aspect a judge should be, and I hope this is the way to keep you inspired in doing good job and being better. Cheers!

Frank Singel had this to say about Yuval:

Yuval, Since I’ve volunteered to help with JudgeApps issue user issues, you’ve made my work quite difficult. And by difficult, I mean in the best possible way: you cover 80% of tickets I see before I have a chance of covering them myself. Thanks for being the shadowy face that keeps Judge Apps rolling smoothly. Keep being Exemplar!

Dan Collins had this to say about Yuval:

Yuval, you’ve been involved in keeping the JudgeApps blog up to date, and you’ve also recently been very active both on our support forum, and our account assistance mailing list. Thanks for your devotion to one of the program’s most critical projects!

Congratulations for your amazing work, boss!!