Exemplar Wave 17 Features – Uri Hershkovitz

XPOKIn wave 17 we continue featuring some highlights of the Exemplar nominations received by judges in our region.

Stay tuned to this blog or to the Europe-East Magic Judges Facebook group to read more features, today we present…

Uri Hershkovitz

 Uri Hershkovitz L2, Israel

Uri Hershkovitz L2, Israel

Uri started playing Magic during Onslaught block and his first deck was a TIMMY Gruul beasts deck featuring Krosan Warchief. He certified as a judge in 2016 and advanced to L2 in 2017. Having lived in several countries as a child, he returned to the USA during 2018 and enjoyed seeing another Magic community and trying his hand at judging on another continent. Now he looks forward to doing the same in many more places! Uri has worked on several projects, including Player Surveys, Study groups and advancement for Judge candidates and L1 judges, and helps regularly with the New Set Digests. He loves mentoring up-and-coming judges and is very involved in creating a social scene for judges wherever possible. In addition to judging, Uri has a BA in education and political science, and loves working with and around people and organizations that try and improve the world around them. His favorite color combination is Temur, and his favorite card is Riku of Two Reflections(because you get to do everything TWICE!). He also enjoys video and board games, hiking all over the world, and ice cream.

Uri received 4 nominations in Wave 17, let’s have a look at them.

Alon Luski had this to say about Uri:

 Uri, when you have been offered to position of area captain we both agreed you have your work cut out for you and while not easy I believe you have been doing a fantastic job at it. during the last couple of months you have been working extensively to improve the accessibility of judges to our different local communities. You improved our ability to reach more players in order to provide them with knowledge and understanding of the game as well as trying to create a more cohesive judge community. Coming from me as well as from Dor, we would both like to thank you for your work and efforts. Thank you.

Yuval Tzur had this to say about Uri:

Uri, thanks a lot for your help with the regional mission and vision definition. Every time things started stalling, you emailed and prodded until things started moving again. Every time feedback was needed, you’d ask people to chip in and reminded them that their opinions matter. The process is moving along, and you had a big part in it. Thanks! 

 Christian Gawrilowicz  had this to say about Uri:

Thank you Uri for being the driving force in the Mission & Vision project. Without your constant reminders we would be missing a lot of deadlines and have large delays. I also value your inputs on the subject a lot. I hope to work with you in many more projects in the future. 

David Shor  had this to say about Uri:

Uri! Thanks for taking the mantle of the country coordinator. You are doing a great job of mentoring judges, working on ways to improve them, making bi-monthly judge meetups and negotiating with the stores about judge compensation. You are doing so much, you are truly raise the bar for everyone else. Thanks! 

Congratulations Uri, and thanks for your devoted work!